The Most Powerful Tool in Music Business

The Most Powerful Tool in the Music Business

X-Act, the in-house developed technical platform is the heart of X5. With the customized technology platform we generate a wide range of advanced technical solutions useful for internal production purposes and for our external partners. Below is a description of our different technology solutions included in the X-Act system.

  • Import Manager


    The Import manager handles everything in terms of content delivered to us, whether it’s delivered online, on HDD or on CDs. The content is ingested and labeled with the correct metadata and additional information necessary to meet the online stores’ requirements.

  • Compilation

    Creating new products for the constantly evolving digital music market is a big challenge. At X5 we use our Compilation Tool for this purpose. It is the smartest, fastest and most powerful album- and playlist creator in the music business. The production capacity is unlimited.

    Compilations Tools_blank
  • Prod_Planner_med album

    Production Planner

    X5’s unique digital business model and technical production system (X-Act) allows every step of the production chain to be highly flexible and scalable. Each step in the production line is monitored through the Production Planner, everything from cover art creation to mastering services, and everything in between.

  • Recordings Manager

    Every recording is unique, therefore every recording gets its unique designation in the Recordings manager. Metadata such as territory rights, copyright info, tags, territory restrictions, ISRC codes, track titles, recording versions, and much more is added and polished.

    Recordings Manager
  • Export Toovls_med outlets


    X5 Music uses its Export Tool to convert and deliver music content to over 20 different partner stores worldwide.

  • Business Intelligence

    The smartest BI tool in the music business makes it easy to follow up and gather information regarding production, trends, marketing, sales and much more. The BI Tool helps X5 to create X-Act products to meet the customers’ needs.

    BI_Sales_manager_med album
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