Our Label Parters

X5 Music offers digital music distribution and music marketing for a large number of labels. These labels are from all four corners of the world, and the music covers many different genres.
X5 Music run licensing deals including Sun Records, Naxos, US retro company The Welk Music Group, UK based Cooking Vinyl and OneRPM.com, the latter a global digital music company and independent artist-focused platform that has found considerable success in Brazil and Latin America.

From compiling mostly classical musical – and to some extent jazz – the X5 Music compilers now can pick from a wide variety of genres and acts as diverse as Marilyn Manson, Jerry Lee Lewis and The Cranberries. The trademarks of X5 – easily-searchable title and an easily-readable thumbnail image – are all there also when working these genres.
“We really believe in close relations over a long time. We’re building something together, based on carefulness, engagement and seriousness. But at the same time it’s a key factor for a long term success that we also have fun together”, reflects X5 Music CEO and founder Johan Lagerlöf.


The close relations are not least appreciated amongst the staff of the Stockholm Office.


A common first step in the cooperation is for label representatives to visit the Stockholm head office of X5. To meet and greet the staff there and to study the X-act computing system that is the base that the everyday X5 operation gyrates around.

Stefan Enberg, today Chief Operating Officer, comments:


“The catalogue owner is invited to us for a couple of days. He or she has the opportunity to present the history of the label and we learn to know each other. We want the labels to have faith in us. To realize that we are entrepreneurs but ALSO very much music lovers who wants to know the true identity of the labels.”


X5 obviously know what they are doing. Variety put it:”The strategy is not exactly new. But the canniness with which the label has updated that strategy for the digital marketplace sets it apart.”

Below is a list of our selected label partners. To become an X5 partner please contact us.



  • WMG
  • universal
  • emi
  • oneRPM
  • cooking-vinyl
    Cooking Vinyl
  • welk
  • Deutsche Grammophon
    Deutsche Grammophon
  • Decca
  • Blue Note
    Blue Note
  • Luaka Bop
    Luaka Bop
  • six-degrees
    Six Degrees
  • sun
    Sun Records
  • glyndebourne
  • hho
  • BIS
    BIS Records
  • arc
    ARC Music
  • nacional
    Nacional Records
  • alligator
    Alligator Records