Spotify Unveils Breakthrough Classical App From X5 Music Group, Classify

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Spotify has just announced the launch of Classify, a new groundbreaking classical music app designed to be the easiest way to browse, discover and listen to classical music over the Internet. Classify is created to be the Spotify home of classical music.

Classify addresses the widely acknowledged difficulty music fans have experienced when using online music services looking for classical music. Until now, it has been very hard to find what you are looking for.

Classify gives listeners – whether classical aficionados or casual fans – the opportunity to browse by composer, era, genre, instrument, style and even mood. You shouldn’t have to know the difference between an allegro and an adagio to be able to find the most exciting or relaxing works of Mozart or Chopin, and now Classify helps you do that in just a few clicks. Classify launches with instant access to more than 1,300 pre-selected playlists curated by music professionals and anticipates adding several hundred new playlists each month.

Click here for a preview of the app.

“Customers share our frustration that it is much harder to classify classical music in the digital environment than all the other genres, so we saw that as an opportunity and tried to solve it in an innovative way,” X5 CEO Johan Lagerlöf said. “Classify is aiming to be a Spotify home for Classical Music, a tool that gives instant and easy access to all the best classical music in the world.”

X5 has emerged as a leader in the classical world, dominating the US classical charts since 2009 and currently holding 14 out of 20 spots on Amazon’s MP3 classical albums chart. One of X5′s biggest successes, “The 50 Most Essential Pieces of Classical Music,” has stayed in the iTunes top 10 classical chart for over three years.

ABOUT: X5 Music Group, headquartered in Sweden, is a leader in digital music, having pioneered a new sales and promotion model that has met with considerable international success, including annual revenue of more than $10 million and annual growth of more than 70%. X5, the #2 digital classical label in the US, recently launched a major expansion in the US with an office headquartered in the Empire State Building.